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Dark Side
We're not going to tell you all the benefits of joining the Dark Side again. It’s really obvious once you take a look at this astonishing bathroom design. Total black makes it majestic enough even for the Galactic Empire.
I like it
If you like the classic style, you can never be wrong. Total white makes your bathroom brighter and more spacious. This simple yet elegant design suits every home well.
I like it
Harley Davidson
Even the most brutal of all men need to wash a long day off and relax sometimes, right? The combination of natural wood and black colors make this bathroom perfect for a man cave as well as for a family home.
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The legend says an old king once made a wish that everything he touched would turn into gold. That’s what inspired us to make this bathroom design. A little touch of gold would definitely make your home feel like a palace.
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Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe was an actual icon of elegance, style and beauty. And so is this bathroom! A little bit of gold, a tub, all those beautiful colours match perfectly. And, really, who wouldn’t want Marilyn Monroe bathroom at their house?
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Space X
This is an ambitious combination of everything the future of design can offer you. Looking at this bathroom, you really feel like you’re going to teleport to another galaxy in just an eyeblink. I mean, it was created by MUSK, wasn’t it?
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