Recessed Lights Installation 

for homeowners in the Bay Area

Anti recession price 2020

Recessed Lights installation 

$180   $98 per item

  • All  materials are included
  • Professional installation (Lic. #1044075)
  • 0% Down Payment. No hidden fees.
  • 2 days installation
  • White or blue or yellow light
  • For Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.
  • Excellent Performance - It saves 79.2% of energy

Free BONUS:  Smart Light WiFi Wall Switch

( Works with phone App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant)



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License #1044075 + BONDED = NO STRESS

Great reputation

Many positive reviews on Yelp


Competitive Quality & Services


 Process is 25-40% faster than the traditional method

All Payments Accepted


We've partnered with GreenSky and Hearth to provide convenient financing options

with fixed interest, low monthly rates, and no annual fees

Our Team

Our perfectly-formed team of experts

Anastasia Z.

Steve R.

Kristin A.

Sergei N. 

Roman V.

Patrick P.

Stella S.

Eugene V.

Story of Musk Construction, Inc.

Hi, I'm Steve Riabov, the founder of Musk Construction, Inc. I began my construction career in Ukraine. At 14 years old, I began working at a construction site during the summer holidays. After I graduated from a construction college, I developed my future  with construction. 

After the war came to the East of Ukraine, it took away my business, money, home, freedom, and even separated my family. Fortunately, I escaped the war but I had nothing left.

All of the important changes in my life happened in the U.S. I began my journey in the Bay Area from scratch. I organized my first company, 

US Handyman LLC, with $500. The business was a success and the company grew rapidly. Within a few years, I switched from handywork to construction. I became a professional general contractor and  founded MUSK Construction inc. - provider of high-quality remodeling services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in California specializing in residential remodeling. 

The name of MUSK Construction inc comes from “MU” - MUltiple “SK” - SKils Construction. The name was inspired by Elon Musk, whose goals and ideas are close to me. In my childhood, I also dreamt of space exploration. Therefore, my goal is  to participate in the creation of  infrastructures for the colony on Mars by 2050. This is a big goal but we have 30 years remaining to implement our plans. Meanwhile, the first expedition to the red planet is projected to be in 2025-2027! 

Our goals are directed to the future, but we do not forget about the present and continue to provide excellent services to our customers today. 


Office hours 

9:00AM – 5:00PM

Monday through Saturday 




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