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We are super happy with the work done by Steve and his team and highly recommend them!
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Why Choose MUSK Construction?
  • We Work Fast: 3-4 weeks and the job’s done
  • We Show Up: If we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there
  • We’re Trustworthy: 0% down payment, no hidden fees.
  • We Talk To You: Local support and easy communication
  • We Clean Up: We won’t leave a mess in your home
  • We Plan Ahead: You’ll get the work schedule well in advance
More affordable remodeling but with the highest quality materials
How’s that even possible? Here’s our secret.
We only offer a few options for finishing materials. That allows us to buy in bulk at the best prices. Then we pass the savings onto you.

Our clever hack also means we get the job done quicker. So you’ll get your new bathroom or kitchen quickly, at a great price.
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We’re always upfront about how we do things
Here’s how the whole process works in 3 simple steps

Step 1:

We talk to you about what you want from your remodeling to make sure you’ll get exactly what you want.
Step 2:
Based on your requirements, we create the project documentation. We’ll check everything against local building codes. And we’ll sort the permit application so you don’t have to worry about it.
Step 3:
We get the job done! That includes demolition, rewiring and plumbing (if needed), installing shower pan and tiles (for bathrooms), and installation of all other materials.
That’s it! Once the job’s done, we’ll run through a checklist with you to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.
No mess left behind
Worried about mess and disruption? Don’t be.
Our installers are all professionals. They’re polite and considerate, and they’ll work as quietly and neatly as possible. During the job, we’ll set up a portable toilet so they don’t need to use yours.

We take care of the landfill and all the old material and junk left from the renovation. After we’re done we make sure that we leave your space clean and tidy.
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All-in-One Remodeling Service
We manage an entire construction process
Bathroom Renovation
3 weeks to complete a project. Would you like to save thousands on your ideal bathroom? We provide a fixed price offer no matter the size of your space.
Kitchen Renovation
4 weeks to complete a project. Want to pay 38% less than the average American for a top-quality kitchen? Our kitchen remodeling builds your perfect kitchen for less
Delivery to your door on us*
When choosing one of our prebuilt packages, we deliver all the materials to your door. We only offer a few options for finishing materials, which allows us to buy in bulk at the best prices. This means we can also pass the savings on to you.

We also take care of the landfill and all the old material and junk left from the renovation. After we have done, we will ensure that we leave your space clean.

* materials delivery available only for bathroom packages

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Complete this short form and find out how much your remodel will cost