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All Finishing Materials Included

In-House Team

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Problems With Remodeling

Extended timeline

Creating the design of your new bathroom, you can spend a month only on project confirmation. Once materials are delivered, they can be wrong in color or have damage, and a replacement may take weeks or months.


Choosing the project and dealing with the company, you get an answer that the start of work is possible only three months ahead, which is too long and may not fit your schedule.

Contract team

The company cannot guarantee quality when an outsourcing team is working on your project. Most companies hire cheaper ones, and such workers have much less experience.

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Why Is Remodeling So Expensive

Remodelling is a labor-consuming process that takes significant time. During the remodeling, it’s necessary to create the design, obtain permits, choose materials and find subcontractors.

Most of the time might be spent not on remodeling, but on secondary tasks.
What if you would not need to spend time on all the additional tasks without a direct connection to the remodeling?
What if it would save not only your time but also your money?

Introducing Design Packages From MUSK Construction


If you like the classic style, you can never be wrong. Total white makes your bathroom brighter and more spacious. This simple yet elegant design suits every home well.

Harley Davidson

Even the most brutal of all men need to wash a long day off and relax sometimes, right? The combination of natural wood and black colors make this bathroom perfect for a man cave as well as for a family home.

Space X

This is an ambitious combination of everything the future of design can offer you. Looking at this bathroom, you really feel like you’re going to teleport to another galaxy in just an eyeblink. I mean, it was created by MUSK, wasn’t it?

Marlyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an actual icon of elegance, style and beauty. And so is this bathroom! A little bit of gold, a tub, all those beautiful colours match perfectly. And, really, who wouldn’t want Marilyn Monroe bathroom at their house?


The legend says an old king once made a wish that everything he touched would turn into gold. That’s what inspired us to make this bathroom design. A little touch of gold would definitely make your home feel like a palace.

Custom Design

We can realize your any ideas in custom project with no limits.

Yes, We Work With Design Packages

This is ready solutions to choose from in which you always get what you order.

Reliable materials

We only work with quality-ensured brands with proven safety and availability in stock

High-performance speed

Average performance speed is from 3 weeks

Turnkey projects

The cost includes the total scope of work starting from demolition to plumbing and finishing materials

Full picture compliance

Your project will look exactly as it was visualized

Any layout

Our samples can fit any premise form
Stop reading the tea leaves on what your project will look like
You get a ready solution that looks exactly like one of our design packages in just a few weeks.

How Does It Work?


Get an Estimate

Schedule a call with a Project Consultant. Answer a few questions about your renovation goals to receive a detailed estimate.
1 day


3 days
After studying your renovation goals, our team transforms them into virtual 3D renderings. You may observe them from all angles and see what your bathroom will look like before work even starts.


From 7 days
We prepare your bathroom, pass all the needed checks and obtain a permit in the shortest term to remodel your bathroom in the fastest way.


1 day
We order and deliver all the needed materials from reliable suppliers. We also check the quality and compliance of each material to avoid unexpected issues throughout construction.


10 days
Our in-house team neatly and carefully remodels your bathroom in compliance with the project design and quality standards.
Average project timeline: approximately 20 days.
Want to get a new bathroom in just a couple of weeks with a $1,000 discount?

We Are Ready To Start Work Tomorrow

On average, we complete the projects in three weeks, much faster than any other company.

Our suppliers always have everything in stock and we work with proven materials only.

Our team is trained to work fast without timeline extensions. We have strict regulations and quality standards.

Map Of Our Projects

We are working in the Bay Area including San Jose, Fremont, San Carlos, Cupertino and others.

Praderia Cir, Fremont, CA
Berryessa Rd, San Jose, CA
Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale, CA
Blue Coral Terrace, Fremont, CA
Tanger Ct, Union City, CA
Vía De Adrianna, San Jose, CA
Santiago St, San Mateo, CA
Barkley Ave, Santa Clara, CA
Korematsu Ct, San Jose, CA
Almeria Ave, Fremont, CA
Brittany Ave, Newark, CA
Squirecreek Cir, San Jose, CA
Van Buren Cir, Mountain View, CA
San Andreas Dr, Union City, CA
Newville Dr, Los Gatos, CA
St Christopher St, Newark, CA
Spar Ave, San Jose, CA
Walnut St, San Carlos, CA
Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

Why MUSK Construction is the best solution

Reliable materials only

We only work with materials we have personally tested for quality and durability. All the components we use work on the first installation day and for many more years.

Fast materials delivery

You do not need to wait for the materials to be delivered. Over the years of work, we have selected a list of proven suppliers with whom we work. All the materials will be deliver right to your door in a couple of days.

One-year warranty for labor and materials

After bathroom remodeling we provide a warranty for labor and materials. We are confident in the quality of the work of our team and in every material we have selected over the past 3 years.

We are neat

We constantly monitor cleanliness during our work and perform the remodeling in the neatest way possible. We cover floors with a protective shield or paper to avoid dust. We tidy up after work and leave clean job sites.

Transparent pricing for a ready solution

Before starting work, you get the final price for the project, which will not increase because of hidden fees that we do not have. Your bathroom costs as much as it is written in the contract, not a penny more.

Bathroom 360 Virtual tours

San Jose


San Jose

San Jose

What Real People Say About Us

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Why MUSK Construction?

Other Companies
MUSK Construction
From 2 to 3 weeks


Provides one of the prepared design solutions and in a couple days only you get ready design compilable with your room layout
Expensive materials which need to be expected about two months
Offers only reliable and high-quality materials which are expected about couple of days and at the reasonable price


Hire subcontractors who are cheaper and do not have profound experience.


You work with our in-house team, trained to compose projects of any difficulty. We control work at the job site at each stage


On average your project takes from 2 to 3 months
We are ready to start work next day after signing the contract. As a rule, the project takes about 3 weeks.

Our In-House Team

Let us introduce our in-house team of MUSK Construction
Steve R.
The man who came up with the idea of how to make your dreams come true.
Eugene M.
CEO & Marketing
Guru of marketing. He finds such great customers as you are.
Sales wizard. He will guide you through the contract details of your dream kitchen or bathroom.
Vladi L.
Sales Director
King of the supplies. He helps you visualize your dream and chooses the best materials.
Tony K.
Patrick P.
Construction soldier
Patrick can do painting, plastering, putty and handyman works.
Stella S.
She will deliver all the materials on site and ensure their quality.
Warehouse fairy
Ural can lay tiles, do handyman works, and install bathrooms and kitchens.
Sergey can lay tiles, do handyman works, and install bathrooms and kitchens.
Construction soldier
Construction soldier
Ural A.
Sergey V.

Are you ready to customize your new project?

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